The stainless steel plant support for a perfect greening

GreenKit is a complete set of cables, spacers and accessories for the creation of beautiful greenings.GreenKit offers much green for little cost: cables and spaces are made from marine grade stainless steel. The high quality materials and production guarantee a long life and a successful support for your greening, indoors and outdoors.

Four different GreenKit configurations make it adaptable in height and width. Adding a greening to your home or garden with a high quality plant support has never been so easy.

GreenKit can be installed on numerous wall types whether brick, wood or concrete.

Green Kits

Greening has gained a new dimension with our new Greenkit Trellis System.
All Stainless Steel components, more compact, weather-resistant and easy to install.

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  • GreenKit is a complete set of cables, spacers, and accessories for the installation of beautiful and modern greening designs at home. It’s designed to easily mount to any wall with common tools and requires no maintenance. Our GreenKit includes cables and spacers made from marine-grade stainless steel and UV-resistant plastic cross clamps. The high-quality materials guarantee a long life and successful climbing support for your greening, indoors and outdoors. It can be installed on numerous wall types like brick, wood or concrete. Four different GreenKit configurations make it adaptable in height and width. Adding greening to your home or garden with high-quality plant support has never been so easy. Each kit includes mounting hardware and instructions.

  • GREENKIT includes: 
    Cables, spacers, screws, plastic dowels, tensioners and rods made of stainless steel, and cross clamps and caps made of UV-Resistant plastic.

    Assembly length: 
    Up to 80 in. in height. – Easily adjusted and can be cut to exact length in the field

    5/32 in. cable diameter.

    Stainless steel: 
    Durable, weather-resistant, and modern.

    Installation is DIY friendly and can be completed with common, basic tools.

GreenKit Installation

Product Reviews

Happy real users

  • High Quality

    The material all seems to be really high quality. Install is simple enough, but I'm pretty handy and already have a large tool collection. Be mindful that this requires drilling and screwing in. So, if you need to drill into something like brick or concrete, you may need to rent a hammer drill to install this. After installed, it looks really nice and is easy enough to use.

    Ibrahim (Detroit)

  • Love this

    Absolutely love this trellis system. I live in a townhouse where the homeowners association maintains all of the common grounds but I am free to do as I wish on my own little patio. This Trellis system is absolutely perfect for cleaning I free. I love it!

    Rowzann (Boca Raton -Florida)

  • Perfect for any type of garden

    GreenKit has some high quality spacers for your garden. They would be perfect for any type of garden! Though for myself, I used it for my vegtables that have vines and need a place to grow. I got a rack of four that were 80in H x 38in W in size and it has been perfect for me! I would highly recommend GreenKit products for your garden!

    Staley (Plant City - Florida)

  • Live IT

    This is such an easy product to assemble and use and absolutely looks wonderful. I attached it to the side of my shed and then the wife planted climbing flowers underneath. Worked just as it should allowing the plants to grow and climb with a sleek and modern look. Will definitely be getting more in the future.

    Hetworker (Missouri)

  • Great metal trellis for climbing plants

    The material seems durable and has a nice luster. Assembly requires some skills and time but is worth it. I’m very excited to see how my jasmine plant will climb on this trellis. I will definitely get more for my other climbing plants.

    Pbdude (San Diego)

  • Industrial and strong

    This Jakob rope system trellis is exactly what we needed for the side of our shed. I have 7 year old jasmine growing up it, but it hasn't had a good enough grip to really take hold. Now it has the proper trellis it needs to climb back up our shed again. It took about 30 minutes to install.

    Happyhomemaker (Texas)

GreenKit Net

About Jakob Rope Systems

Jakob Rope Systems Jakob Rope Systems is one of the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of top-end, design-forward solutions to industrial and construction-related rope and cable applications in which elegance, simplicity and superlative quality are required.

Now, for more than a century and in over 55 countries, Jakob offers a range of steel rope products to our clients who return time and again seeking a reliable maker and provider of stainless steel wire ropes, rod fasteners, nets and unique fittings, all custom-designed and produced to fit exact specifications. At Jakob, we understand it’s the little details that make the big differences.

Every piece of finished goods leaving our warehouses is put through a stringent testing process to ensure compliance with AISI 316, ISO and DIN standards. Our cable railing, wire mesh, wire ropes, and rods can be used in multiple applications, both indoor and outdoor and at various scales, such as sign stanchions, shelving, as trellises on green walls, safety netting, and even in zoo enclosures.

Jakob and our USA -based team can provide cables and wire netting solutions for any commercial and business application. We take pride in offering custom-made designs to fit our clients’ needs.

Whether a solution tailored to a budget or an all-encompassing package including structural applications that you’re seeking, we at Jakob USA are well-equipped to assist you with your project.

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