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Jakob GreenKit 4 - Grand 38-inch Wide, 80-inch High Stainless Steel Trellis

Jakob GreenKit 4 - Grand 38-inch Wide, 80-inch High Stainless Steel Trellis

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Grand 38-inch Wide, 80-inch High Stainless Steel Trellis
Transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking green oasis with the Jakob Greenkit 38-inch Wide, 80-inch High Trellis System. This grand stainless steel trellis, also referred to as a majestic 38-inch steel trellis or a deluxe 38-inch stainless trellis kit, captivates visually and stands the test of time. Its extensive width and weather-resistant components make it the perfect structure for constructing large green walls or supporting a diverse array of climbing plants.

All GreenKits includes::

    • Cables, spacers, screws, plastic dowels, tensioners and rods made of stainless steel, and cross clamps and caps made of UV-Resistant plastic.
    • Assembly length = Up to 80 in. in height. Easily adjusted and can be cut to exact length in the field.
    • 5/32 in. cable diameter.
    • Stainless steel: Durable, weather-resistant, and modern.
    • Installation is DIY friendly and can be completed with common, basic tools.

Grand 38-inch Wide, 80-inch High Stainless Steel Trellis

The Jakob Greenkit Trellis System revolutionizes greening with its innovative design. It offers numerous benefits and enduring performance. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant stainless steel, this system is built to last.

Its compact design simplifies installation. You can create striking vertical gardens and green facades effortlessly. Each Greenkit includes meticulously crafted components, such as cables, spacers, and screws.

The system adjusts up to 80 inches in length. Customizable cables ensure a precise fit for any space. Common household tools enable swift installation, saving time and money.

Ultimately, the Greenkit Trellis System transforms your outdoor space. Whether cultivating plants, constructing a green wall, or enhancing garden aesthetics, this system delivers exceptional, captivating resultsStainless steel long lasting trellis

Revamp Your Area with Greenkit Trellis System - Long-lasting, Resilient, and Effortless-to-Set-Up Stainless Steel Elements

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